development roadmap for filofant

1) Further Developments

a) Conventional (CGI) Interface
b) SOAP (WebServices) Interface

a) Bug fixes (1.0.x)
b) Minor Releases (1.x.x)
c) Version (2.0.0)
d) Timetable

ad 1a) Further development of the CGI Interface

Beside of the bugfixing, I am planning a further development and functional enhancement of the CGI interface of filofant. As a part of this plans there are (at the moment) the following functions waiting for implementation:

-) Creating digest mails for daily/weekly sending new entries of smart folders.

ad 1b) Development of a SOAP/WebServices interfaces for the filofant

In the beginnning, there will be a SOAP/WebServices interface for the search engine to integrate the filofant into other appliacation. When fully blown, the interface should be a replacement of the current CGIs with a new UI built eg. in PHP, which depends on the delivered WebService interface. Together with this step, the filofant can be used as application tier of a 3-tier application.
To achive this goal, the following steps will be implemented:

-) Definition of a SOAP search interface.
-) Implementing the SOAP interface
-) Definition of the WSDL for the existing SOAP interface
-) Implementing the WebService
-) Definition of the further interfaces according to the filofant functionality
-) Implementation of the further interfaces

ad 2a) Bugfixes

Bugfix releases will be done on demand. This releases will be announced at the filofant-announce mailinglist, to wich you can register at

ad 2b) Functional releases

When adding new functions to the filofant, there will be functional releases within a version. This releases may include major changes in the database structure, so check the CHANGES file before installing them.
The next release of this kind will be after the implementation of the in 1a) defined functions.

ad 2c) Version

The next Version (2.0.0) will include the first release of the new SOAP interface of the filofant.